“Santa’s little helper” at the Ringwood Christmas Market on Saturday the 2nd of December, outside the Regal Cinema building.

Thanks to the organisers and to those who manned our stall all day in the freezing cold.

We enjoyed ourselves talking to the public and bringing them up to date, there were so many people who were new to Ringwood and didn’t know what the building was. There was 100% support and a lot of people who said they knew millionaires, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

FAMILY FUN DAY on JUNE 10th – at Carvers recreation Ground in Ringwood

organised by – CHURCHES TOGETHER

Come and have your photograph taken with Christopher

The RINGWOOD REGAL will be represented at this event.

On our stand we will have TV personality CHISTOPHER BIGGINS who was “King of the Jungle” with Ant and Dec.

Christopher will be in our very own “CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG”

“Sammy Sunshine” 86 years old retired clown poses in the sunshine outside of Carr & Neave estate agents, Fridays Cross.

In the window is a display of Sammy’s memorabilia from his clowning life including a picture of him with Christopher Biggins from many years ago.

Also featured in the window are the “Biggest Clown Boots in the World”

Sammy and Christopher are both big supporters of the Ringwood Regal campaign to bring professional live entertainment and cinema back to the Town Centre.

Christopher Biggins (King of the Jungle) has agreed to attend our next fundraising event in the summer…………more news soon.

Stop Press:

The Ringwood Regal raises over £3,500 with a Charity Auction on the 18th of March 2017 at the David Lloyd Club

to view photographs of the event click HERE 

This was a really special event for Ringwood.


Christmas Organ Concert with Chris Jones at the Ringwood Meeting House on the 17th of December 2016

Organised by Barbara Baker – proceeds donated equally to The Meeting House and The Ringwood Regal

Professional organist Chris Jones did a great job at the Meeting House concert organised by Barbara Baker, he did indeed recreate the Blackpool Wurlitzer organ on his amazing organ. Chris built his own portable organ from bits and pieces of other machines that he owned and he has created an amazingly versatile instrument with so many “voices”. The concert was very well supported with a good many Friends of the Regal there, thank you for coming it was great to see you all. The raffle was also well supported with many donation and thanks to “Patricia” for the lovely flowers on the stage. We all enjoyed the evening and I’m sure it brought back a few memories for Barbara who is a staunch supporter of the Regal campaign.

Crowdfunding launched at the end of October 2016 was a great success.

The target of £5,000 was surpassed in under the eight week time limit. A great achievement clearly demonstrating the strength of public opinion in favour of a Town Centre Theatre and Cinema able to provide professional entertainment.

Help us save the Ringwood Regal and return the building to its former glory as a theatre and cinema for the benefit of Ringwood and beyond.

The Ringwood Regal campaign has picked up speed over recent months, with support flooding in from the local community.

Following a successful meeting with the developers who own the building we are now in a position to buy the Regal building and take our plans to the next stage. We urgently need to carry out a feasibility study to ascertain the amount of work that needs to be done, and take us to the next step to returning this important building back to its former glory and creating a cinema and theatre venue in the heart of Ringwood.

We need your help! Any contribution, no matter how small, will help towards our target. Having a theatre in the heart of Ringwood is one step closer – help us make this a reality.

We also have the opportunity to receive match funding for this campaign from the Heritage Lottery Fund – the more you give the more it could be worth to us.

The Ringwood Regal is soon to become a (CIO) Registered Charity, so watch this space for more news!

Public Meeting a great success!

The Public Meeting was a great success, with the Ringwood Meeting House being packed to capacity with around 150 people, including some of our local councillors. The Ringwood Regal committee were well represented and after showing our presentation we were able to answer questions from the floor.

Charlie North Lewis, manager of the Tivoli theatre in Wimborne talked about the success of his venue and explained how Ringwood could be equally as successful with his help. Charlie wishes to partner with us and bring his expertise and contacts to our team. Merlin Cork, head boy at Ringwood Junior School and junior committee member, also spoke of his desire for the Ringwood youth to be involved in the planning of this new Ringwood venue. A show of hands during the meeting clearly demonstrated the strength of public opinion clearly in favour of our plans for a 600 seat Theatre and Cinema in the Market Place. We were so encouraged by the support and the number of “Friends of the Regal” who joined us at the meeting that we are seeking a meeting with the Developers, at their London offices, to present our ideas and to try and convince them that our theatre will not only be good for the community but will greatly enhance their new shopping development.

Watch this space for more news!

We will be holding a public meeting on the 14th of July at the Ringwood Meeting House, starting at 7-30pm to solicit support for the Ringwood Regal proposal and to demonstrate to the developers the desires of the townsfolk to have a quality entertainment facility in the heart of Ringwood. The developer’s representatives, members of the press and local television will be invited to be in attendance to help spread the word and to increase support and awareness.

Download & print your own poster

Public Meeting – July 14th 2016

The campaign by a small band of enthusiastic volunteers to rescue the Ringwood Regal has been gathering pace for the last six months or so. Public awareness has been raised by the many reports in the local press and on Tuesday the 26th of April a new level was reached when the developers of the Furlong Shopping Centre requested a meeting with representatives of our Ringwood Regal group.

A senior representative from the U & I Group PLC came down from their headquarters in London to speak with the Ringwood Regal representatives regarding the hopes and aspirations for the old Cinema building. After a very amicable and friendly meeting it was very clear that their plans for the Phase 2 Furlong development were changing and they had gone back to the drawing board. The shopping link to the Market Place is now unlikely to happen, mainly because the developer has been unable to purchase the additional land necessary for the proposal.
We were hoping the Regal building might now be surplus to the developers requirements however it would seem that they may still wish to retain ownership of the site and explore several other possible options, it was unclear exactly what the developers intend to do next.
There was some talk of leasing out the upper floor of the building and developing the lower floor with shops and restaurants however subsequent to the meeting the developer has been requested to give consideration to selling the whole site to us, the question is to be put to the board of directors.

At the moment we think the developers still prefer demolishing the cinema building, retaining only the front town hall façade, with the area behind it being used for courtyard coffee shops, restaurants and other retailers. The majority of the many Ringwood residents previously canvassed were not in favour of such a development.

It is the dream and aspiration of our group to provide the town, surrounding villages and visitors with the quality multi-function entertainment and recreational facility it deserves, in the town centre.

The 600 seat theatre would be the biggest in the area, equipped with the latest equipment but housed in a 1930’s style Art-Deco environment, such a facility could attract top acts and shows in addition to supporting local talent and clubs. The facility would be run on the town’s behalf by the professional theatre management team from the Tivoli in Wimborne who have expressed an interest in entering into a partnership and share services etc.

Ringwood Regal Committee

We have formed a General Committee who are working towards setting up a charity known as “The Ringwood Regal”. Fundraising will commence as soon as we are able and a Feasibilty Study will be carried out to establish the best way forward. Please contact us if you feel you have something to offer Ringwood Town.

Charlie Interview

Here is chairman Mike Tuck interviewing Charlie North-Lewis for our promotional video. Charlie is the general manager of the Tivoli Theatre in Wimborne, who hopes to partner with us.

Click here to watch the whole video.

Our grateful thanks to Jay Cox of Fizzeek Media House for creating this excellent video.

Forest FM

Mike Tuck being interviewed by Philip Webster of Forest FM radio.

Click here to listen to listen to the full interview.


Caitlin Marsh of the Bournemouth Echo interviewing Mike Tuck.

Click here to read the Evening Echo article.

Click here to read the Blackmore Vale Magazine article.


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