Why Save The Regal Cinema?

Here’s why we think it’s vital that the Regal Cinema is saved…

  • At the moment there isn’t a hall for hire big enough for theatrical performances, amateur or professional, other than the Ringwood School hall;
  • There is nowhere in Ringwood Town Centre to hold Exhibitions, Seminars, Concerts, local club meetings, Demonstrations, Dance classes or any Function demanding some space;
  • The Regal is in the ideal Market Place location, near the Furlong car park and in the heart of the town;
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have our own Theatre, our own Cinema, our own Exhibition Hall and our own rooms for Business Meetings etc. just like they have with the Regent Centre in Christchurch and the Tivoli in Wimborne;
  • Our Regal is a two and three story building that can offer all this and more.

So that’s why we have to save it – before the Developers knock it down and that is what they plan to do! The recent “Phase 2” presentation claims that they will “restore the Town Hall”. The Town Hall is only the building at the front, adjacent to the Market Place!

The Cinema building behind will go! Forever.

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